Shemot (Exodus): Terumah > Ch 27


  • Make the altar of acacia wood. Length: 5 cubits. Width: 5 cubits. Height: 3 cubits
  • Make its horns on its four corners; its horns shall be from it
  • Overlay it with copper.
  • Make its pots to remove its ashes, and its shovels and its sprinkling basins and its flesh hooks and its scoops; you shall make all its implements of copper.
  • Make for it a copper grating of netting work, and make on the netting four copper rings on its four ends.
  • Place it beneath the ledge of the altar from below, and the net shall [extend downward] until the middle of the altar.
  • Make poles for the altar, poles of acacia wood, and overlay them with copper.
  • Its poles shall be inserted into the rings, and the poles shall be on both sides of the altar when it is carried.
  • Make it hollow, out of boards; as He showed you on the mountain, so shall they do.


  • Make the courtyard of the Mishkan on the southern side [there shall be] hangings for the courtyard of twisted fine linen, one hundred cubits long on one side.
  • Its pillars [shall be] 20 and their sockets 20 of copper; the hooks of the pillars and their bands [shall be of] silver.
  • For the northern end in the length hangings 100 [cubits] long, its pillars 20, and their sockets 20 of copper; the hooks of the pillars and their bands of silver.
  • Width of the courtyard on the western side, hangings 50 cubits, their pillars 10 and their sockets 10.
  • Width of the courtyard on the eastern side, 50 cubits.
  • The hangings on the shoulder [shall be] 15 cubits, their pillars 3 and their sockets 3.
  • On the second shoulder [there shall be] 15 hangings, their pillars 3 and their sockets 3.
  • At the gate of the courtyard shall be a screen of 20 cubits, [made] of blue, purple, and crimson wool, and twisted fine linen, the work of an embroiderer; their pillars 4 and their sockets 4.
  • All the pillars around the courtyard [shall have] silver bands, silver hooks, and copper sockets.
  • Length of the courtyard: 100 cubits. Width: 50 by 50 [cubits]. Height [of the hangings] shall be 5 cubits of twisted fine linen, and their sockets [shall be of] copper.
  • All the implements of the Mishkan for all its labor, and all its pegs and all the pegs of the courtyard [shall be] copper.

Olive Oil – to be set up every night by Aaron and his sons

  • The children of Israel shall take to you pure olive oil, crushed for lighting, to kindle the lamps continually. In the Tent of Meeting, outside the dividing curtain that is in front of the testimony, Aaron and his sons shall set it up before the Lord from evening to morning; [it shall be] an everlasting statute for their generations, from the children of Israel.

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