Bereisheet (Genesis): Vayigash > Ch 44 & Ch 45

Joseph tests his brothers by declaring that Benjamin will stay in Egypt as a slave

  • Jacob sent his brothers back home with food and money, but he hid a golden goblet in Benjamin’s sack. As Joseph’s brothers exited the city Joseph had their belongings searched. The goblet was found and Joseph declared that Benjamin will have to stay as a slave.
  • Judah begged Joseph to have mercy and told him that Jacob would die if they would not bring Benjamin back to him safely.


Joseph reveals his identity and tells his brothers to move everyone to the land of Goshen

  • Joseph revealed his identity to his brothers. He wept out loud, they were startled and wept also. Joseph said that G-d sent him to Egypt to preserve all of their lives. Joseph told them to return to their father and then take everyone and all the possessions and move to the land of Goshen (by Egypt) so that Joseph would sustain them there through the upcoming 5 years of famine (2 years of famine have already passed)
  • Pharaoh was pleased that Joseph’s brothers have come so he gave them wagons to help move their families to Goshen. Joseph also gave Benjamin a lot of money, gave gifts to his brothers and sent 20 donkeys loaded with gifts and food as a present for his father.
  • When Jacob found out that Joseph was alive, his spirit was revived and he went to see Joseph.