Bereisheet (Genesis): Vayeishev > Ch 40

Pharaoh imprisons chief cupbearer & chief baker. Both have strange dreams on the same night

  • Pharaoh got angry at the chief cupbearer and at the chief baker. He imprisoned them and it was the same place where Joseph was imprisoned. After a year both of them had strange dreams on the same night and could not interpret the dreams. Joseph told them that interpretations belong to G-d and interpreted the dreams for them.

Joseph correctly interprets their dreams. The cupbearer is pardoned and the baker dies

  • The chief cupbearer said, "In my dream, behold, a vine is before me. And on the vine are three tendrils, and it seemed to be blossoming, and its buds came out; [then] its clusters ripened into grapes. And Pharaoh's cup was in my hand, and I took the grapes and squeezed them into Pharaoh's cup, and I placed the cup on Pharaoh's palm." And Joseph said to him, "This is its meaning: the three tendrils are three days. In another three days, Pharaoh will restore you to your position”. Joseph asked the cupbearer to mention him to Pharaoh, and get him out of prison as he was wrongly imprisoned.
  • The chief baker said, "In my dream, behold, there were three wicker baskets on my head. And in the topmost basket were all kinds of Pharaoh's food, the work of a baker, and the birds were eating them from the basket atop my head." And Joseph replied and said, "This is its meaning: the three baskets represent three days. In another three days, Pharaoh will remove your head from you and hang you on a gallows, and the birds will eat your flesh off you."

The cupbearer forgets Joseph and doesn’t mention him to Pharaoh

  • On the third day, Pharaoh restored the chief cupbearer to his position as cupbearer, and he placed the cup on Pharaoh's palm. And the chief baker he hanged, as Joseph had interpreted to them. But the chief cupbearer did not remember Joseph, and he forgot him.

Rashi Commentary

  • tendrils Heb. שָׂרִיגִם, long branches, known [in Old French] as vidiz, vine-shoots.