Bereisheet (Genesis): Vayishlach > Ch 36

The generations of Esau a.k.a. Edom

  • Esau, that is, Edom, took wives from the daughters of Canaan and had 5 children who were all born in the land of Canaan. Esau could not dwell together with Jacob because the land could not support all of their livestock together, so Esau moved to Mount Seir.
  • In the land of Edom, Esau had 10 grandchildren. Each of them became a chieftain (head of clan). Also Esau’s 3 sons from Oholibamah became chieftains. (They were one generation younger than Esau’s other sons due to incest)
  • The inhabitans of Edom were 7 sons of Seir the Horite and his 20 grandsons/granddaughters. Some of them were born from incest. And Esau and his descendants intermarried with them.

Rashi Commentary

  • Adah daughter of Elon This is [actually] Basemath the daughter of Elon (mentioned above 26:34). She was called Basemath because she burnt incense (בְּשָׂמִים) to idols.
  • Oholibamah She is [identical to] Judith (mentioned above 26:34). He (Esau) nicknamed her Judith (יְהוּדִית) to imply that she denied the validity of idolatry, so that he might deceive his father.
  • sister of Nebaioth Since he (Nebaioth) gave her hand in marriage after Ishmael died, she was referred to by his name. — [from Meg. 17a]
  • These became the chieftains of the sons of Esau The heads of the clans.

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