How Miracles Work

How is G-d able to be everywhere in our world at the same time?

  • As creator of this universe, G-d must exist outside of it and is thus able to be anywhere and everywhere in our space and time.
  • With invention of computers, we now know that all information can be processed given enough computational power, and G-d certainly has that power.

Do miracles described in the Torah violate the laws of physics?

  • Most of the 10 plagues are directly connected to each other. Changed water in the Nile has caused an infestation of frogs, which led to an infestation of lice. Wild beasts led to pestilence, which caused the disease of boils. Hail & locust decimated crops. Hail is also related to darkness which lasted for three days.
  • Slaying of the first-born was carried out by an angel who visited every Egyptian household and killed the first-borns in one night.
  • The Red Sea was split by a strong overnight wind, it didn't open up instantly when Moses struck his staff, as depicted in movies. In South Korea a sea passage opens up several times a year. Google 'Jindo Sea Parting'.
  • When the Children of Israel asked for meat in the desert, G-d sent them quails (not roasted chicken falling from the sky).
  • The Pillar of Fire is an event that occurs in nature and is known as the 'Fire Tornado'
  • We don't have control over such events and therefore view them as miracles, but it's important to note that they all have explanations and do not violate the laws of physics.